Learn the nuts and bolts of producing, shooting and editing

Does this sound familiar?


  You know you need to add video to your marketing arsenal, but you don’t know where to begin.

  You know video will help you stand out on social media, but you don’t have the budget to pay a big-time production company.

  You want to start creating your own videos, but are simply overwhelmed with all the blogs, tutorials, and ‘experts’ out there and don’t have time to sift through all the clutter.  


If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone. This course is purposely designed to help you get from where you are now to creating your own videos (and having fun while doing it!).


THE 5-DAY VIDEO BOOTCAMP is for anyone who wants to know the basics of creating your own professional videos.


  Want to discover how the most successful marketers and entrepreneurs easily create simple yet professional videos that increase clients and customers? 

  Want to push past the fear of not knowing how to pick up your camera and just start recording?

  Want a streamlined, easy process to learn how to make your own videos?

Videos are a powerful marketing tool for your brand or business that work faster to
drive followers, customers, and sales.

With insights and advice from a three-time Emmy-winning television producer/director, this is a comprehensive, fast-track course on creating videos with a focus on the nuts and bolts you need to create your own videos now!


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Why video is more important than ever


Over the past few years, video content has experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity as a marketing tool.

With 76% of marketers reporting that video has helped increase their company sales, its impact can’t be ignored.

Marketers are clearly recognizing that video content is an essential tool in their sales utility belt.


Video packs a lot of punch. It holds a ton of potential for interaction, engagement, and shares for online businesses.

And for that reason, it’s one of the best
visual marketing tools you can use.


Far from a trend, VIDEO is a game changer.


And the kicker?
You can be producing your own videos right now!.


Don’t Get Left Behind!


All businesses, big and small, are jumping into the video world. Don’t let your message get pushed down in Google and on social media because you are not using video.

Invest in video today and it will pay you back in dividends
for years to come.

The stats don’t lie

arrow graph

»  81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63%, in 2017. 

»  The average person watches 1.5 hours of video each day.

»  64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos.

»  76% of marketers say it helped them increase sales. 

       (source: Hubspot/Tubular Insignts)

Become Your Own Video Producer


We all want to create viral videos like you see on YouTube or in your Facebook feed. But the question is: how do you get there? How do you learn the skills and master the techniques to create great videos? 


Hi! I’m Lisa Lubin and I’m the owner of LLmedia and video consulting and production company. In short, I help businesses succeed and grow with their own online videos. 

Day to day that can mean consulting on video strategy or coaching and teaching a client how to create her own video or producing a video for her.

But, simply what I really do is help you
learn how to do it yourself.

How you can plan, shoot, edit, and
produce your own high quality video content.


Anyone can shoot video nowadays and many people are. But that also means that many are doing it badly. And that’s because they never fully learned the fundamentals of what goes into producing a great video.

And yes, there’s a lot of info all over the Internet, but no one wants to spend hours sifting through tons of information, much of it incorrect. 

It’s hard to find the time, motivation and guidance.



Finally, a practical video course for beginners to take you from zero to hero in just a few days. 

In this course, I give you a shortcut. I cut out the clutter and give you the information and exact tools you need to start producing your own videos…right now.


I will tell you exactly what to do to reach your video goals. 



Who should join this program? 

»  Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to seriously ramp up their marketing results.

»  Personality-based brands — such as bloggers, influencers, speakers, authors, and consultants – who are ready to create a smarter marketing approach.

»  Marketing managers who know they need to add video to their marketing arsenal.

»  Independent professionals who want to break away from the pack and get noticed.

»  Social media managers and community managers who want to learn video and add it to show up first in the news feed.

What you will learn

14 Planning Your Video

14 Storytelling Ideas

14 Using the right gear

14 Shooting Interviews

14 Shooting Best Practices

14Microphones & Sound

14On-Camera Techniques

14Writing for Video

14 Composition Tips

14 B-roll Sequences

14 Editing Your Video

14 Sharing and more!

Don’t take my word for it!

“With her experience in traveling the world, her talents in the television industry, and pleasant & professional personality, working with Lisa can help entrepreneurs craft videos that tell their stories in a way that captures the sights and sounds of their experiences that gets viewers to click in and get engaged.”

Scott Troehler


When it comes to video production, Lisa knows her stuff. As we were getting our video series off the ground, Lisa provided great advice on our production, specifically editing style, storytelling and script writing, that really helped us get focused. Her background is hard to beat and she’s always a pleasure to work with.

Jeff Jung

Host/Producer , Career Break Secrets

A true professional with great insights and energy. Lisa was a huge help in kickstarting video content for a number of our brands. Great communications and follow-through with both myself and all of our teams. Looking forward to working more with her in the future!

Steve George

Vice President Content, Kalmbach Publishing

We are absolutely certain that Lisa’s expertise will bring us a return on our investment as the quality of our productions rise and our viewers find more value and entertainment in the videos we are shooting. The technical information alone was worth more than we paid. My recommendation?  Hire Lisa today before the world finds her and her prices double!

David Porter

President, The Roaming Boomers

Lisa worked with our team at Plate Magazine to train us to shoot, produce and edit quality videos. Lisa presented her wide knowledge of video production in a clear and thorough way. We walked away with a strong understanding of where to start as beginning videographers. Lisa was an important asset to our video editing and producing initiatives!

Liz Grossman

Managing Editor, Plate Magazine

Lisa is a truly unique individual that I have had the great pleasure of working with as a college instructor on video production and a major market television producer and director. She is a creative force and always fun to work with.

Frank Bianco

Television Director, Columbia College Chicago

About your instructor

Lisa Lubin

Lisa Lubin

Lisa Lubin is a seasoned media professional and three-time Emmy® award-winning (plus 10+ nominations) producer with extensive broadcasting, print, and online experience, from live news director, technical director, and supervising television producer to freelance writer, photographer, project manager, and speaker. She has more than a decade of major market experience in the production of news and programming television shows, both live and taped. After more than a decade in broadcast television she took a sabbatical and traveled around the world for two years. Lisa owns LLmedia, a media & video consulting business. She works with clients to coach them on the basics of video production — from shooting and editing to storytelling and writing for video. Her writing and photography has also been published by American Way Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, West Jet Magazine, Sheridan Road Magazine, American Express, the Malibu Times, and Luxury Las Vegas.

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More Details

In the 5-DAY VIDEO BOOTCAMP, I’ll walk you through 16 content-rich sessions designed to help you not only learn how to produce your own video, but how to push it out there for the world to see.

You can binge watch all 16 lessons, or take it a day at a time, it’s totally up to you and how fast or slow you want to go as you receive lifetime access to the video training course.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Why video is important
  2. What types of videos you can produce
  3. How to focus your story
  4. How to research your story
  5. Planning for your shoot
  6. Basic composition techniques
  7. How to shoot an interview
  8. How to record sound
  9. How to shoot a standup
  10. About lighting
  11. Techniques for conducting interviews
  12. What is b-roll and best practices for capturing it
  13. Writing for video
  14. How to edit your video
  15. Where and how to upload your video


I break this course up into digestible, high quality video tutorials that keep everything nice and simple. There are also assignments throughout to make sure you’re getting hands-on learning which can be the best way to learn video. And at the end of most, you’ll have an assignment.

This is designed to put this course to work for you so you can master these techniques one step at a time and you’ll actually be having fun creating something, rather than staring at a computer screen all day.

What’s Included


  • This program consists of five modules consisting of 2-6 lessons each with me as your lead instructor. That’s 16 lessons total.
  • Each module contains specific action steps, plus homework assignments.
  • You’ll also get a variety of short video tutorials, along with special guides, checklists, and cheat sheets for you to use in your own business.
  • PLUS, you get to be a member of our private Facebook group. This gives you peer support and priority access to me. Also, you’ll be able to easily search for specific Q&A when you need to.
  • Remember, along with each of the above lessons (replays included!), you’ll get the slides, notes, checklists, templates and more.

Plus, note that:

  1. You have unlimited access to the archives of ALL materials (PDFs, downloads, videos).
  2. Our Facebook group is available 24/7 for you to receive support, guidance, masterminding and more!
  3. Everything you need to create SOLID, professional videos is included in this program.


All you need to do is SHOW UP and take ACTION!

100% Money Back Guarantee



I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the strategies you’ll discover in this course. But you be the judge.

You work hard for your money. I know it. You’re taking a risk by investing in this course. Well, I believe in what I do so much that I’m willing to assume ALL the risk.  If you’re not 100% satisfied…I will give you back your money.

You can sign up today and take the entire course totally RISK-FREE. If, after 30 days and completing all sessions and applying the teachings from each lesson, you don’t feel fully satisfied, simply contact me and we’ll happily refund you in full. You have my promise.

Sound fair? Come on board – let’s do this!


Q. Why is this course worth the price?

A. If you were to hire a professional production company for just one marketing video, it can cost anywhere from $2500 to $15,000 and beyond. By just investing in this course for a fraction of that cost, you can be producing your own videos for years to come. Plus, I am bringing you 20 years of my own expertise as an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, TV production adjunct professor, and consultant.



Q. Can’t I just learn to do this on my own?

A. You possibly could. But to do Google searches and go through all the Internet articles or tutorial videos online would take a tremendous amount of time and research, not to mention not knowing which ones are best. Plus, odds are high that you will not be learning from a true professional and getting the real info you need from a broadcast journalist and three-time Emmy-award winning television producer.

Q. What if I have no video experience?

A. Then this course is perfect for you. Whether you’ve never shot video before or you’ve dabbled but want to improve upon it and get the real foundation and best practices from an expert, this course is for you!

Q. When does the course start and finish?

A. The course starts now and never ends! It’s a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


Q. How long do I have access to the course?

A. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for the lifetime of the course – across any and all devices you own.


Q. I don’t have professional video gear yet—is this for me?

A. Yes! Now, everyone has a video camera in their pocket thanks to their smart phone. You can use the techniques you learn in the course to film high quality videos on your phone or current camera.


Q. What if I am unhappy with the course?

A. I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.


Don’t wait any longer!