You’ve finally decided to start making videos as part of you marketing strategy?


But you have no idea what to make videos about?

Don’t worry!

Whether you’re filming on your smartphone and editing in iMovie or you have a team of cinematographers at your disposal, the first thing you need to make good video content is good ideas. And, lucky for you, I’ve come up with ideas for your first five videos.

1. A Video “About” Page

Rather than a typical text-only “about” section on your website, consider making a short video introducing your brand. Introduce your viewers to your team so they can see (and hear) the real people behind the company. Share customer testimonials, company values, or your origin story — you were just an average company until being bitten by that radioactive spider… Whatever you decide to do, keep it short (no more than a couple of minutes), give it personality, and make sure it aligns with the rest of your brand messaging.

2. Share Good News

Rather than spamming people with another press release or newsletter, consider sharing the news in a video. If you’re excited about a new product or an upcoming collaboration, talk to your community about it, show them how it works. Add the video to your newsletter, share it on social media, or create a blog post around it. Obviously, don’t abandon the press release entirely, just try mixing it up.

3. Teach Us Something

How-to videos are so useful, no one will fault you for bringing another into the world. Some products lend themselves to the tutorial format better than others, so you may need to get creative. Make a video about ways to use your product or teach viewers about a related topic and feature your product. For example, if you sell kitchen gadgets and make videos about cooking, viewers will start to associate your brand with the skills they’re learning and the foods they’re making.

4. Launch a Contest

Get your viewers engaged and give back to your supporters. Make a video explaining the contest rules and ask viewers to create their own videos. Give people an interesting prompt and a fun incentive (prizes!), and they’ll create content around your product for you. Share the submissions to generate more buzz and have fun engaging with your community.

5. Give Us a Peek Behind the Scenes

Show your viewers where the magic happens. Share a day in the life of one of your team members. Take us to a conference or a company retreat. Cut together a blooper reel from the previous 4 videos. All of these ideas serve to humanize your brand, and give your community a better sense of who you are.

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