This week’s video is another well-executed, creative concept: a guy walking across America. It comes from Conscious Media.  This was no just-for-fun, random blogger video. In fact, it is a very strategic viral marketing campaign for Levis Jeans.   Nontheless, it also is a great marketing video for United States tourism.  The video was viewed more than 8 million times (and now a few more times) across various channels and hit mainstream media and broadcast outlets as a ‘news item.’

The final video is actually comprised of nearly 3000 still frames. Check out the ‘Making of’ video to really see how much work actually went into this video shoot.

(Note: For best quality, please watch in HD–click on 360p in lower right YouTube box and select at least 720p)


 I will be scouring the interwebs for videos that are compelling due to great production value, great content, and/or a great message.  If you have something to share, please leave me a comment.