Video 101: Tips & Tricks for Awesome Visual Storytelling by Lisa Lubin

Video 101 eBook Lisa Lubin

Video is a must for your business whether you are flying solo or a huge corporation. Nowadays, all your gadgets have those little red ‘record buttons.’ But, are you using your camera and video the best way you possibly can?

Video 101 provides the foundation you need to take advantage of using video for your business and website.
It is chock full of real information and tips that I guarantee will help improve your shooting and editing skills. It is much more than just a simple outline or Top 10 list of video how-to. This is the real deal and full of crunchy nuggets that I learned from four years of Broadcast Journalism school + 15 years as a TV producer in the industry.  My eBook will give you the tools you need for all things video, including: story planning, shooting, writing, editing, and so much more.

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“It’s incredibly straightforward – no fluff at all, just the facts: figure out your story, make it human, plan your video ahead of time, use interviews, write for pictures and edit it all together… it’s all in the book. So are some priceless checklists to make sure you don’t forget a thing.” 

Leyla Alyanak Writer

“Video 101 is a simple to understand, practical and must-have guide to better video production. Because of the down to earth way she writes I found it easy to grasp the terminology and concepts that Lisa puts forth…she’s obviously a seasoned veteran, punctuated by the fact that she’s won 3 Emmys. I highly recommend Video 101 to anyone just starting to explore video production, you’ll immediately be able to put her myriad tips and hints into practice…you simply can’t go wrong with this book.
Ralph Velasco Photographer

“From the interested layman’s perspective, the book was fun to read, well-formatted, and substantive.  I especially liked the tip sheet summaries.  We watch the Channel 11 News Hour nightly, and I kept seeing your points illustrated in its setup pieces – the establishing shots, the transitions, the little story within the bigger story, the wide shots and close-ups, the use of sound.”
Peg Corwin Marketing Consultant


“…if you simply want to improve your journalism, it will provide tips that apply to writing, photography, and video production.  Whether you shoot video to sell a product, inform, promote yourself or your blog, spread your ideas, entertain, or porn (ok…I just threw that one in to see if you were reading) – then Lisa’s book will be a great jumping off point to give you direction and ultimately get you making good, effective videos.  Yeah…and it probably does apply for porn too come to think of it.”
Sherry Ott Writer, Photographer


The eBook is full of professional video knowledge, but at the same time is easy to read and formatted in a way to help easily guide you through it. It even comes with bonus tear sheets for when you are on location and need a quick refresher. Here’s the nitty gritty on what you’ll see in the 42-page book:

BUY Video 101 now for $5.99!

buy now on amazon

“I’ve read through Lisa’s guide and I just love all the tips and tidbits that she brings from the newsroom era and explains to you in easy to digest terms. It’s a great overview of all-things-video and the perfect starting place.”
Andy Hayes Travel & Web Consultant

“The guide is full of no-fluff information that covers run-and-gun shooting, interviewing subjects, framing shots and editing.”
Jason Brubaker Filmmaker

“This guide is not just aimed at travel bloggers – the tips Lisa shares based on her many years experience in TV broadcasting can apply to anyone who wants to make good videos. This ebook is packed full of advice and takes you through all the stages of making a great video.”
Erin McNeaney Travel Blogger

“What I like most about the way this eBook is written is the way Lisa makes you feel like she is talking to a friend. She puts a personal touch on it making it seem less like a text book…If you are just starting out wanting to be a video journalist then this eBook will give you the tips you wouldn’t think of, but make the most sense once you know them. Broken down into four chapters “The Story”, “The Shoot”, “Writing” and “Editing” I can’t think of anything that she has left out.”
Cailin O’Neil Film Production Coordinator


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