Where to Get Free Royalty Free Video

  As more and more companies and individuals use video in their marketing efforts, they often need to turn to stock footage as a cheaper solution rather than shooting their own new video footage every week or month. There are several stock video services...

The Five Biggest Video Mistakes

If you are a freelancer or business, you have a website on which you showcase your wares. Whether it is a service you offer, an online resume of your talents, or an actual product, video is a great way to engage your clients. Video allows you to get more personal, it...

Four Steps to Shooting Better B-roll

A good video needs strong, solid shots to tell the story. And each section of shots needs to be cohesive and provide continuity that moves the story forward. What is B-roll? In the old film days, all the interviews and primary sound was edited onto the main reel or...

Cool Video to Check Out: Corporate Storytelling

Video marketing doesn't need to be dry. In fact, some of the best video marketing connects with viewers through storytelling. If you haven't seen it yet, you must watch this ad for South African whiskey brand, Bell's, which is titled, "The Reader." It already has more...

Five Ideas For Great Video Content

You've finally decided to start making videos as part of you marketing strategy? Yay! But you have no idea what to make videos about? Don't worry! Whether you're filming on your smartphone and editing in iMovie or you have a team of cinematographers at your disposal,...

The Simplest SEO for Video

Creating a video for your business or blog and having it up on the web is a great way to promote your brand. Not only will you directly interest and engage your audience more, making your video SEO-friendly can help increase traffic and make you appear higher in the...

Cool Video to Check Out: Frame of Mind

This video comes from Steve and Ben. It appears just to be some fun with a frame. But it takes a lot of post production in After Effects to achieve this affect using something called Corner Pinning. I think the first time I saw something similar was in an HP commercial and then in the opening title of the ABC show “Modern Family.”

Video Tips: Using Your Webcam

Today, many of you are using video online even if that means just using your webcam to do interviews, vlogs, or conference calls. Just because it’s the webcam does not mean you have an excuse to produce a poor video. There are still simple and small adjustments you...

Where to Get Royalty Free Stock Video Footage

Sometimes when you are putting together a video, you need some extra stock footage or b-roll that you either forgot to shoot or could not shoot because it was too cost prohibitive to capture it yourself.  There are several places you can purchase affordable...

Cool Video to Check Out: Guy Walks Across America

This week's video is another well-executed, creative concept: a guy walking across America. It comes from Conscious Media.  This was no just-for-fun, random blogger video. In fact, it is a very strategic viral marketing campaign for Levis Jeans.   Nontheless, it also...

What Kind of Video Gear Should I Use?

I get this question all the time.  Too much honestly.  The problem is people aren’t happy with my answer: it doesn’t really matter.  A couple of years ago, I was at a Travel Bloggers conference in New York City. Gary Arndt, a successful photography blogger, was giving...

Why Video Marketing is Important to Your Business

Video. It is easy to find. It’s easy to watch. It’s entertaining and engages viewers faster and easier than text. Everybody’s talking about it. Everybody’s doing it. If the peer pressure alone doesn’t get you, here are some very real reasons why you should be using...

Cool Video to Check Out: Grand Rapids Lip Dub

I will be scouring the interwebs for videos that are compelling due to great production value, great content, and/or a great message.  If you have a video you'd like to share, please leave me a comment. This week’s video is an amazing destination marketing...

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