Why Video

Why do you need quality video?


Adding video to your website has been known to cause all or
some of the following conditions to your business:
  • Connects you more to your readers
  • Drives traffic to your site
  • Boosts sales by making things visual & easier to understand/absorb
  • Increases time spent on your site
  • Strengthens the bond with potential customers
  • Builds credibility
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Produces better educated customers
  • Simply: People respond more to video

Slowly the Internet has changed. From AOL dial-up, to Web 2.0, and now video is quickly becoming the standard for all websites.  YouTube is now one of the top 3 websites right up there with Google and Facebook.  Nowadays bloggers, internet marketers, corporations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are putting video online to utilize its marketing power. There is more and more video out there everyday – some decent; much of it, bad.

Video Training & Consulting

I can help you develop a video plan. I will review and critique previous videos and work with you to improve future productions to help you grow your business and attract more clients.

Among the solutions I can provide with LLmedia consulting services:

  • Evaluate your current need for video or your existing video content
  • Evaluate technical aspects of video
  • Evaluate writing and flow of video
  • Evaluate effectiveness of your video in getting your message across
  • Evaluate and recommend video strategy for your business
  • Provide video production best practices and procedures
  • Teach proper techniques of shooting, editing, writing, planning, interviewing, sound, lighting, equipment
  • Provide clear, direct feedback for you to improve & reach goals
  • Develop online video strategy and plans
  • Hiring consultant – help you hire the right team for your new video department

Video Workshops

Need training for your group? I can come to you and offer half-day training for your team.

  • Customized in-person or online workshop
  • Complete course on video production: shooting, editing, writing,
    lighting, sound, interviews, etc.

Video Training Webinars

Coming Soon!

Video Production Services

Want to step it up to the next level? I work with hand-picked, award-winning production companies to create the video you are looking for within your budget.


Most businesses today aren’t cookie-cutter where any off the rack solution will do. That’s why LLmedia offers consulting for both large and small businesses and organizations. Since each company is different, each consulting session is unique from teaching and coaching video to hiring your new video & media department.

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