Why LLmedia?

Anyone can hit record on a digital camera or smart phone. But does that make you an instant filmmaker? Anyone can do it…poorly. I can help you make it great.


It’s time to clean up your video.  Rise to the top of search engines. Secure readers & clients with well-produced, good quality video.

  • No more shaky shots
  • No more cheesy wipe effects
  • No more bad sound
  • No more unfocused stories

You try to bring good quality stories to your readers and clients.
You try to improve your photography skills and maybe you even take a class.
Why wouldn’t you want the same thing for you video?


Produce videos that don’t look like home movies.

I want to put an end to bad, boring and un-inspired videos.
I will provide you with the techniques, strategies and tools you need in order to improve your shooting, editing, interviewing, and storytelling skills and be successful in producing your own technically sound and content-focused videos.

I will give you all kinds of insider professional broadcast industry tips and tricks that I’ve learned throughout my fifteen-year television career.


Why Me:

Expertise:EMMY AWARD

Over the life of my career, I have done all aspects of TV & video production: shooting, editing, directing, switching, graphics, writing, producing, interviewing, supervising, teaching. Any given day in my TV world I am finding & researching stories,  scheduling shoots & crews, running out to studio or field shoots, working with talent, logging & editing together footage & music, working under tight deadlines and delivering masters to ‘master control’ for broadcast airing or exporting video to the web for the world to see.


I have 15+ years of broadcast television experience which began with my first internship at the “Late Show with David Letterman” and continued through to my three Emmy wins at ABC for producing.

Media Presence:

I work in all forms of media: broadcast television, corporate video, radio, the web, print, social media.   I am an expert in both fields of broadcast television + website marketing and blogging.


Who am I?
  • Broadcast Journalism graduate with 15+ years television & video experience – writing, producing, directing, editing.
  • Three-time Emmy award winner (and 10+ nominations) for producing television segments and programs
  • Lifetime career in television directing and producing for NBC, FOX, ABC
  • Six years teaching college television production course at Columbia College Chicago.
  • Blogger…See my bio here.


Who am I not?
  • An SEO expert (I am a writer and journalist first), but I know some and can direct you to them.
  • An engineer or equipment expert (I know how to use different cameras and edit with AVID & Final Cut Pro). I will not advise you on which of the hundreds of latest cameras to buy.


Rise above. Do it right. Set yourself apart. Strive for quality.
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