“Lisa is visionary leader, exceptionally talented professional and driven motivator who led the creation of the Foodseum Films program. She assisted in recruitment of top-talent student videographers, created and taught the curriculum, trained and coached the students, worked closely with sponsors and venues, and created a powerful content channel that accomplished the Chicago Foodseum mission while truly elevating the brand. I would highly recommend her and happily include her in any team I was on.”
Kyle Joseph, Founder & President Chicago Foodseum

“When it comes to video production, Lisa knows her stuff. As we were getting our video series off the ground, Lisa provided great advice on our production, specifically editing style, storytelling and script writing, that really helped us get focused. Her background is hard to beat and she’s always a pleasure to work with.”

Jeff Jung, Host/Producer Career Break Secrets

“We are absolutely certain that Lisa’s expertise will bring us a return on our investment as the quality of our productions rise and our viewers find more value and entertainment in what we are shooting. The technical information alone was worth more than we paid. My recommendation?  Hire Lisa today before the world finds her and her prices double!”
David Porter, The Roaming Boomers

“Lisa is one of the most “together” people in this notoriously disorganized business. A video editor longs for a producer with all the ducks in a row, and Lisa always came through. Plus, her creativity, desire, and great sense of humor made it easy and fun to work with her. What a pro!”
Tim Kelleher, Freelance Editor ABC7 Chicago

“I worked with Lisa while I was a video journalism intern for Chicago’s Foodseum. It wasn’t until working with her that I really excelled. She taught me the importance of pacing, composition, conversational interviewing, etc. All valuable lessons that I will be able to carry on with me throughout my future career endeavors in the television industry. It was an absolute pleasure working with such an experienced and talented woman.”
Jaclyn Selesky, Reporter/Anchor KNDU-TV

“With her experience in traveling the world, her talents in the television industry, and pleasant & professional personality, working with Lisa can help other travelers craft videos that tell their stories in a way that captures the sights and sounds of their experiences that gets viewers to click in and get engaged.”
Scott Troehler, Television Producer/Director

“Lisa is great to work with on projects. She is enthusiastic, creative and committed to quality outcomes. I am an avid reader of her travel writings and have worked with Lisa on travel presentations. Hostelling International Chicago also supported Lisa and the local component of the nationwide Meet Plan Go events.”
Thomas Applegate, Executive Director North River Commission

“Tourism Québec has worked with Lisa Lubin on different occasions to produce travel shows for ABC Channel 7. Ms. Lubin was the lead producer, in charge of planning the shows, scheduling all the shoots in various areas such as Montreal and Quebec City (each packed into just 3 days!), interviewing, writing and editing. Ms. Lubin’s professionalism, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with her a joy. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a producer of high caliber.”
Annemarie Heidbuechel, Director Tourism Québec

“Lisa is a truly unique individual that I have had the great pleasure of working with as a college instructor and a major market Television Producer and Director. She is a creative force and always fun to work with.”
Frank Bianco, Senior Lecturer & Television Director Columbia College Chicago

“Lisa brings tremendous passion and energy into everything she does. She is an incredible storyteller in every medium, which is so very rare. Her talent for creativity extends from on-line to video to print. Whether it’s a serious story, a feature, or a piece about a business looking to build its brand and bottom line, Lisa can help tell that message like few others can.”
Doug Bartel, Former Executive Producer, WTVJ, Miami & WIS-TV, Columbia

“Lisa is one of those people who is a true professional without all the yuckiness of a stuck-up “suit”. She has a genuine passion and talent for storytelling and is a welcome addition to any team. I worked with Lisa for many years in television news and she always went over and beyond to get the job done right. A true pro, a true talent..”
Faith Fuller, VP of Communications The Fuller Center for Housing

“Lisa Lubin is a very unique talent with an incredible background and resume that makes her an outstanding person to tell a story in a compelling, even riveting way. I’ve always been amazed by the attention to detail she puts into the words that accompany the visual presentations. I had the opportunity on a number of occasions to work with Lisa.   The entire team she directed were very tuned in to what her vision of the story was going to be, from talent to technical staff.  When you’re witnessing Lisa’s work, all of your senses are engaged to the point of achieving the ever fleeting goal of capturing a person’s undivided attention.   Her work is unique and it stands out. That’s very good for business.”
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Vice President Crest Communications, Inc.